Student Services

Halls Head College Student Services is an integral part of the school community. Students, staff and parents are provided with a wide variety of support with the ultimate goal of assisting students to reach their full potential.

Student Services plays an important role in improving students’ attendance, developing their interpersonal skills, addressing behavioural expectations and improving students’ learning.

The Student Services team has been set up to provide assistance to students who may be experiencing academic, vocational, social, and emotional or health concerns. The team also focuses on implementing positive pastoral care and reward incentives to recognise student achievement, attendance and behaviour.

The Student Services team are dedicated, compassionate and professional staff who are actively involved in supporting students to reach their potential.

Student Services staff are located in Block 6.

The team consists of:

Student Services Managers:

Our Program Coordinators play an important role in supporting and advising students and their teachers in pastoral care matters. The Program Coordinators are actively involved with supporting staff, students and families to ensure student well-being and potential are being met.

Student Services Manager
Luke Green
Year Coordinator (Year 7): Emma Coulthard
Year Coordinator (Year 8): Kellee Baker
Year Coordinator (Year 9): Matthew Wake
Year Coordinator (Year 10): Ron Doorn
Year Coordinator (Year 11 /12): Doug Beeton


School Psychologist Devon Earle

The School Psychologist provides confidential support in the areas of learning, behaviour, mental health and social-emotional well-being. Some of the services offered include consultations, individual and group counselling and psychological assessment for learning difficulties or disability. The School Psychologist works with students, parents, school staff and inter-agency partners. Parents may request a referral through Learning Team Coordinators. Students are also able to make appointments through Student Services.

School Nurse Anthea Waddell

The Health Centre located in the Administration building.

The School Nurse is provided and employed by the Health Department. The nurse is here to provide students and their families with information and support on health related issues (physical and mental).

The nurse also provides support for teachers’ professional development and health education in classrooms. Appointments can be made through the school officers and the teacher’s permission is required for students to attend during class time. Students can visit the nurse during scheduled breaks or before or after school.

Youth Worker: TBA

Our Youth Worker supports students with social, emotional and mental health issues. The Youth Worker accesses external agency support via referrals and specialist programmes. Appointments can be made via Student Services.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO) Joanne Bell

The AIEO works to support Indigenous students here at the College enabling them to succeed in their education. The AIEO liaise with parents and families and has strong connections to engagement programs like AIME, Follow the Dream and outside youth agencies including Streetnet, Peel Youth Services and Allambee. The AIEO is available Tuesday to Thursday and appointments can be made through Student Services.

Learning Support Coordinator Karen Walker and Deb Smith

The Learning Support Coordinator links with students identified with learning difficulties and is responsible for working closely with staff to develop, implement and monitor Individual Education Plans. The LSC also accesses appropriate external agencies to support students and staff when required.

Chaplain Chris Urschitz and Raelene Stevens

Our chaplain offers pastoral care service to all students, families and staff which is general and non-sectarian. Contact with students and families is often related to issues such as family relationships, friendship issues and grief and loss. The Chaplain is able to provide individual counselling or group workshops. The Chaplain is available on Thursdays and appointments can be made through Student Services.

School Support Staff
Year 7 – 9 Cathy McNee
Year 10 – 12 Andrea DeHoog (Mon, Tues,Weds & Fri)

Kylie Wilson (Thursday)

Attendance Officer Felicity Evans
For a full list of support staff click here.
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