Senior School

The aim of Senior School is for our students to start to refine their choices around their strengths and to make smart decisions around possible future destinations.  Senior School actually starts in Year 10 with our students beginning to make decisions that have an impact on where they can go and what courses they can do.

All of our Senior School students have pathways available to them that provide both breadth and depth in allowing choices. In choosing to complete their Year 12 at the College, they will be able to graduate with a WACE (West Australia Certificate of Education), which is a prerequisite for University entry, and a WASSA (West Australian Statement of Student Achievement), which is required for TAFE entry.  Eligibility for entry to University and TAFE is subject to the degree of success achieved by students in the course to meet the requirements of the WACE and WASSA.

We provide strong counselling and guidance to students and parents around these choices, with opportunities to flex these, and adjust where possible if a course is not working out.  Keeping our parents in the loop with interim reports and regular updates from staff is a key strategy and is integral to our success rate in working in partnership.

Halls Head College has a broad array of opportunities for our Senior School students ranging from the highest level ATAR courses to range of General and Certificate courses.  Some Certificate courses are available online and others are supported by Industry to refine the quality and relevance of these courses.  All are provided to build our student capacity and currency – so that they are competitive, no matter what pathways they are intending to pursue.  Big Picture Academy and the Senior School Transition Program (SSTP) offer different paths which may be a better fit for some individuals.  Both have an application process for entry.

For further information for Big Picture please contact Amanda Gundrill or for SSTP,  please contact Kathy Roser on the College number PH: 9581 0600.

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Year 11 Semester 1 ATAR Exams

Year 12 Semester 1 ATAR Exams

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Year 12 Student Protocols for Examinations (rev 11 Feb 2021)

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