Sports Academy

At Halls Head College we offer a specialised sports program in each of the following sports:


The Halls Head College Sports Academy Program is focused in enhancing the development of talented sportspeople through a well-rounded program that supports the academic and social growth, with a student focused approach.

Program Overview

4 x lessons per week: 2 x practical session; 1 x physical education session; 1 x health lesson; opportunities to represent the college in inter-school competitions.

In addition to students developing their technical skills, tactics and strategies, each program promotes the many various roles linked with the sport such as officiating, coaching, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, nutrition and recovery.  These areas are embedded along with the HPE curriculum so that students have a diverse range of knowledge and understanding within the whole Sporting and Physical Education area which will support their academic growth in a variety of courses through Year 11 & 12, TAFE, University and ultimately career prospects.

We believe greatly in self-reflection and evaluation to promote an understanding of where students are and what they need to do to improve.  Each student will have an Individual Player Plan which they will regularly complete, along with feedback from the coach to enable continual progress.

Selection Process

All Year 7-12 students have the opportunity to trial for selection at various times throughout the year.  A student can be selected if:

  • There is availability within the program.
  • They demonstrate an excellent attitude towards the program, the coach and other students.
  • They demonstrate good technical ability and knowledge of their chosen sport.


The Application Forms can be collected from the Halls Head College administration office or alternately will be included in the Year 6 Enrolment Packages.

The Coaches

The coaches have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience within the game.  This allows them to plan and deliver advanced and innovative programs that will develop each individual student to their full capacity.

Mentoring Role

Along with coaching, the teachers play an important part in being a mentor to the students, supporting them throughout their school life.


Along with an exceptional two court indoor gymnasium, an excellent and expansive playing oval and pitch, we are able to support the program with a fantastic gym for the fitness program along with new classrooms and technology to support the theoretical component of the program.

Expectations of students in the Sports Academy Program are high with regards to behaviour, participation and skill level and as a result the outcomes will be rewarding.