Music is available to all students at Halls Head. Year 7 students undergo an eight-week long course, as part of their ‘taster’ system; Year 9 and 10 students can select music for one or both semesters; Year 11 and Year 12 students can enrol in a number of different Contemporary Music courses.

We have a thriving instrumental programme run by School of Instrumental Music (SIM), allowing us to offer additional woodwind, brass, guitar and percussion lessons to selected students. These students are also grouped together for class music and prepared for the advanced Year 11 and 12 Contemporary Music courses.


Year 7: Students study the instruments of the orchestra and delve into movie music, creating their own soundtrack for a movie using Garage Band. They also learn basic musical elements and start to learn keyboard skills.

Year 8: This availability is dependent on timetabling and resourcing considerations.

Year 9: Students further their practical skills and theoretical knowledge through keyboard and guitar performance and the study of contemporary styles of music.

Year 10: Students continue to build on their skills and knowledge of contemporary music in preparation for upper school study. They start to compose their own music on their chosen instrument and complete performances in and out of school.

Year 11 & 12: Students begin the General Course in the contemporary context completing units 1 and 2 in year 11 and 3 and 4 in year 12. Within these courses students are able to build on their theoretical knowledge and practical skills to be ready to enter certificate or university courses. These courses include in class and public performances.

ATAR Music is on offer in Year 11 each year but is dependant on viable numbers for it to operate.

Halls Head College also has a choir which runs every Wednesday from 3-4. Any student of the college is able to participate.

The college also has 2 bands: the concert band and the stage band. These are run after school and students that complete SIM lessons will take part in these ensembles.