Media at Halls Head College is offered to Year 7 students through to Year 12.

The course begins in Year 7 with basic camera work, the use of story telling with film, film analysis and the basic software students will use all through their time at the College.

In Year 8 students move on to storyboarding and storytelling through visual means and the students make further inroads in to utilising the media-specific movie making and editing software – both Imovie on Imacs and Adobe Premiere Elements on IBM using Windows.

In Year 9 we move on to more advanced applications and also have a look at movie making theory in Mechanics of Film Making and Film as Storytelling. We look at planning stories and scripts in Film as Text and the students finish this part of the course with a picture collage using Imovie on a genre of their choice.

In Year 10 we see further projects completed, especially in the form of movie making competitions. We also look at advertising in Australia, the changing face of media around the world and the concept of blogging (web logging). A film study is also included in the year 10 Syllabus.

Year 11 and 12 is broken into two strands, with both ATAR and non ATAR courses offered to students in these Year groups. Both courses are Curriculum Council sanctioned and are tailored toward differing abilities and interests.

The General Course (non-ATAR) looks at general film making, film study, Youtube/Facebook studies, creation of magazine articles, DJ spiele creation and music video clips. Students use a variety of software and techniques to complete their work. The general course runs over two years.

The ATAR course is offered in Units 1 and 2 in Year 11 and Units 3 and 4 in Year 12 and is more challenging than the General Course. Units 3 and 4 are based on Film Noir and on Auteur Directing of films and Film as Art.

There is also a Media Camp for Year 11 and 12 students as well as their being one day excursions for all classes throughout the Year.

Overall, in the five years of the course, we do many differing projects and are involved in media competitions and film festivals. Additional aspects of Media covered throughout the course include: Animation; Stop motion; Claymation; Film making; Gaming; Youtube Movie compilation; DVD Film compilation; Posters; Music Video clips; Advertisements; Web Publishing; Make up and Wardrobe; Set Design and Digital Photography.

The Media Course at Halls Head College is a popular one and students come away with a real and practical knowledge, and the skills to apply this knowledge, in today’s ever changing Media environment.


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