Year 7 Dance

All Year 7 students at Halls Head College participate in an exciting eight week program. Students participate in whole class, partner and small group themed choreographic pieces in a fun environment, whilst beginning their investigation of the elements of dance. They are encouraged to perform, respond and reflect on their dance experience.

Year 8 Dance

All Year 8 students at Halls Head College continue their dance journey with an eight-week program designed at furthering their knowledge and experience of the elements of dance. They work at broadening their dance expertise and are encouraged to enhance their teamwork skills during a range of dance creation activities.

Year 9 Dance

Designed to motivate and scaffold the developing dancer, this semester course incorporates all the elements of dance in collaboration with a strong emphasis on values education and group work practices. Students begin their training by learning a specialised, choreographed routine, focusing on the physical attributes and techniques of latest hip hop / funk moves seen in today’s pop culture. Students are then coached in establishing the skills necessary in working together to create their own unique routines to perform to the class audience. The Year 9 program also boasts a narrative based dance unit to enhance essential teamwork, co-operative and collaborative skills. Performance opportunities are also offered for those who wish to further develop and display their individual talents to a wider audience. In addition, a theoretic component supports students as they embark on their own unique dance journey.

Year 10 Dance

If you just love to dance and want to learn some more, then enrol in Year 10 dance! In our state of the art facilities become a valuable member of the dance team! Students who study Year 10 dance at Halls Head College are exposed to excellent opportunities to have fun while exploring how dance is celebrated within an evolving world where art, creation and vision have captivated people for centuries.

Students must be prepared to enjoy the physical and mental challenges of dance as they strengthen their technique and broaden their talents, while establishing and experiencing how a supportive team grows together.

Students will participate and become proficient in a range of contemporary, hip hop and jazz techniques. This will see them collaborate in working as a team with the Certificate II Creative Industries in Dance students in choreographing the YOH Festival piece. The aim in this course is for the Year 10 students to then continue their learning and become a part of the dance troupe in their Year 11 and 12 studies.


A particular focus is placed on enhancing choreographic and performance skills as students are trained by specialist teachers in a variety of dance genres including; Jazz, hip hop and funk dance.


Students can then further explore the beauty and freedom of contemporary dance with a focus on our vision and expression of ourselves and the world around us. Particular focus is placed on small group choreography and performance skills.

Year 11/12 Certificate II – Creative Industries in Dance

This two year Dance course sees students acquiring an industry based Certificate II in Dance. This course acknowledges the interrelationship between practical and theoretical aspects of dance – the making and performing of movement and the appreciation of its meaning. Through decision-making in individual and group work, students use a wide range of creative processes such as improvisation and the use of choreographic elements to create dance works. They also learn how dance styles and forms are historically derived and culturally valued. Through dance, students experience an intrinsic sense of enjoyment and have an opportunity to achieve a high level of movement skills. Students will work together to choreograph several dance performances; in particular, they will formulate and conduct activities towards completion of the annual Youth On Health statewide dance competition.

The units covered during this course are as follows:

Core units

BSBWOR203A Work effectively with others
CUADAN201A Develop basic dance techniques
CUADAN202A Incorporate artistic expression into basic dance performances
CUAOHS101A Follow basic safe dance practices
CUAOHS201A Develop a basic level of physical condition for dance performance
CUAPRF201A Prepare self for performances
CUFIND201A Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge

Group A elective units

CUADAN203A Perform basic jazz dance technique
CUADAN205A Perform basic contemporary dance technique
CUADAN208A Perform basic street dance technique