Halls Head College has always had a very well equipped woodwork shop with numerous hand tools and machines for students to access and gain experience in using. Since its opening in 2001 thousands of projects have been taken home by our students to the great delight of their parents. In 2015 moved into a brand new Technologies Centre as part of the college’s multi million dollar upgrade. We now have access to new machinery ranging from traditional drilling machines to advanced technologies like CNC plasma cutting machines. Our focus in the Technologies Learning Area will continue to be on practical skills-based projects together with the knowledge and understanding of common materials. Sustainability and recycling are encouraged as is numeracy, literacy and design skills.

In Years 7 & 8 students participate in an eight week taster course of woodwork as part of a rotation around all specialist subjects. Students learn the fundamentals of marking out and hand skills, together with the design process to create small projects incorporating woods and plastics.

In Year 9 students get to choose woodwork as an elective, if they wish, and spend a semester (two terms) developing their woodworking skills to produce practical projects. Students are also encouraged to use and understand the properties of other materials.

In Year 10 the course is also a semester-long elective with students using a combination of hand skills and machines to build more detailed and complex projects.

In Year 11 and 12 we offer the General course, which is prescribed by SCSA and encompasses many skills and attributes deemed to be necessary for young people to go onto future study or begin a trade pathway. Down load the Curriculum document below