The Science Learning Area at Halls Head College provides a stimulating and relevant science program designed to challenge students at all levels.

This includes a range of topics and strategies aimed at increasing student interest in science by showing that science is an integral and important part of our everyday lives.

In Years 7 – 10 students study content and concepts related to topics such as “Earth and Space Science”, “Physical Science”, “Biological Science” and “Chemical Science”. Throughout these topics emphasis is placed on “Science Inquiry Skills”.

In Years 11 and 12 students have the option to study Biology, Chemistry, Human Biology, Integrated Science, Physics and Psychology. Students wishing to study these subjects should preferably be achieving a B grade in their Year 10 science course.

The Science Learning Area also offer a Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement. This practical unit is completed over Year 11 and 12 and gives students great opportunities once they graduate.

The science Learning Area provides a curriculum that promotes academic excellence and also considers the needs of students at educational risk. Besides the pursuit of knowledge, and a commitment for students to achieve to their potential, there is a conscious effort to develop in our students social, civic and environmental responsibility.

The Science is leading the way in promoting the school as a ‘Waste Wise School’ by embedding sustainability into all content areas. We are also in the process of expanding a sustainable garden that includes aquaponics, worm farms, greenhouses, compost bins and garden beds.