Health & Phys Ed

Through the knowledge and understandings, skills, attitudes and values developed during participation in Health and Physical Education students are encouraged to maximise their opportunities and potential to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They do this by critically evaluating the opportunities and challenges associated with living in our modern society, and can take action to avoid or reduce threats to their health and wellbeing, such as the effects of drugs, poor mental health or inadequate nutrition. Students participate in various physical activities and analyse the contribution that participation plays in healthy lifestyles.

The needs of every child and young adult are central to all teaching and learning programs. The Australian Curriculum provides teachers, students and parents with a clear understanding of the concepts and content for students to demonstrate  satisfactory performance in Health and Physical Education.

The areas the students are assessed in the Health and PE Learning Area are:
• Concepts for a Healthy Lifestyle;
• Skills for Physical Activity;
• Interpersonal Skills;
• Self-Management Skills.

Student’s knowledge and understandings of current health issues, and therefore their abilities to make informed health decisions, are developed in the Health Education program. Participation in this program also develops the students’ Interpersonal skills, self-management skills and their attitudes and values regarding health issues influencing their own health and the health of others. Health Education also embraces the college’s focus of developing literacy and language skills in the students through the implementation of a Health Journal and Glossary of terms.

The Physical Education program offers students the opportunity to develop their skills in a variety of sporting and recreational activities. Involvement in a wide range of activities will provide the opportunity for students to develop their physical skills, interpersonal skills and attitudes towards physical activity. Student achievement is reported to parents in generic sporting contexts; as such students will be required to demonstrate their abilities in several different sports. Participation in sport and recreational activities encourages team work, improves self-esteem, leadership skills and self-discipline.

At Halls Head College students’ participation in Health and Physical Education is compulsory in Years 8, 9 and 10 with students engaging in a minimum of 180 minutes per week in Physical Education and 60 min per week in Health Education. Students in year 10 have the choice of various options that will involve an additional 180 minutes per week involved in the Learning area.

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