In the English Learning Area we focus on developing language and literacy skills of all students. This is achieved by creating programs that are designed to engage the students in practical and authentic activities and extend their knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of texts.

While maintaining the traditional focus on contemporary texts, film, media study and writing for a range of audiences, students have the opportunity to incorporate technology in the presentation their work. The range of tasks provided offers opportunities for creative and transactional writing so that our orators, poets and story writers can engage in state and national competitions while developing their analytical skills in essay writing, form filling or writing instructions.

The range of learners within each year group is catered for through Academic Extension group activities while still assisting those with additional needs in some of the essential English skills.

All course work from Year 7 through to Year 12 is based on the Australian Curriculum and the courses of study for Years 11 & 12 as approved by SCSA. The focus on Language, Literacy and Literature in Years 7-10 sees a wide range of texts studies including contemporary and classic texts that demonstrate Australian and other culture influences such as making links to Asian cultures. Seeking to engage the students through selecting stimulating materials and texts, we have developed our collection of resources to include: novels; short stories; poetry; graphic novels and picture books; non-fiction reading such as biographies and feature articles.

Close attention to language skills provides the necessary preparation for students to successfully participate in NAPLAN and OLNA testing. Those students who have difficulties in this area are supported through engagement in the Multi-Lit Program that addresses low reading and language skills as well as the Soundways Program that addresses language and phonics knowledge while seeking to improve the students’ handwriting skills and presentation. These transferable skills will assist students in their performance across the curriculum. These programs have seen many students improve their reading and writing but, most importantly, also gain in confidence to participate more actively in reading and writing in all Learning Areas.

Our team of English teachers is committed to ensuring students attain an array of academic and functional language skills to assist them to achieve their future goals during their time at the college.