Our Staff


College Principal: Bronwyn White
Associate Principal:
Sean Wrigley
Deputy Principals: Gareth Smith, Sharyn Wren, Lisa Coates
Manager Corporate Services: Margaret Bolt
Business Support: June Dicks
Marketing and Media: Chantal Brewer, Alan White
IT Technician: Derek Goble-Garratt


Curriculum Leaders:

English – Head of Learning Area: Helen Yarnall
Mathematics – Head of Learning Area: Jill Burgess
Science – Head of Learning Area: Peter Rye
Humanities and Social Science – Head of Learning Area: Lisa Mellersh
Arts – Head of Learning Area: Marion Palmer
Health and Physical Education – Head of Learning Area: Mark Hunter
Technology and Enterprise – Head of Learning Area: Ross de Hoog
LOTE – Teacher in Charge: Yosuke Ueda
Big Picture – Head of Learning Area
Amanda Gundrill


Staff Professional Development:

Program Coordinator – Innovation and Engagement Brooke Burns
Head of Professional Development Teacher and Learning and Graduate Support: Simone McCann


Student Services:

Student Services Manager : Luke Green
Year Coordinator (Year 7) : Emma Coulthard
Year Coordinator (Year 8)
Kellee Baker
Year Coordinator (Year 9) : Matthew Wake
Year Coordinator (Year 10) : Ron Doorn
Year Coordinator (Year 11-12) : Doug Beeton
Learning Support Coordinator:  Karen Walker and Deb Smith
Attendance Officer: Felicity Evans
Student Support Officer:
Chaplain: Chris Urschitz & Raelene Stevens
Nurse:  Anthea Wadell
Psychologist:  Devin Earle
AEIO: Joanne Bell


Training Pathways:

Training Pathways Coordinator : Kathy Roser
Training Pathways Support Officer :
Richelle Nicholls
Training Pathways School Officer :
Mel Foster


School Officers:

Reception: Heather Coluzzi
School Officer – Year 7 , 8 & 9 : Cathy McNee
School Officer – Year 10, 11 & 12 : Andrea de Hoog
School Officer Stacey Thornton
School Officer – Scheduler: Jo Plater
School Officer – Enrolments: Leonie Pyatt
School Officer – Executive Assistant: Amanda Roughton
School Officer  Kylie Wilson