Welcome to the Halls Head College School Library.  The Library is a large, well appointed, flexible building where the usage varies according to the needs of our school.

The book collection includes over 3,000 fiction, 5600 non-fiction, reference and picture books. Other resources include graphic novels, magazines, DVDs and Board games. A proportion of the School’s computers are housed in the Library allowing wide access to online technologies. The Library Officers are aware of emerging information trends and strive to adapt them to the benefit of our students.

The Library is open from 8.00am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday.  As well as hosting classes, it is open before school, during recess and lunch and after school. Student activities include study, chess, cards, jigsaws and reading. During recess and lunch breaks, there is a teacher on duty so students can get help with school work, study and assignments.

The Library is also opened by teachers on a voluntary basis for regular Starlight Study Sessions run in the evenings for Year 11 and 12 ATAR students. Additional sessions are added as exams approach. A Readers Club for students and staff runs once a week after school.

We offer a courtyard garden where students are welcome to eat and drink. We are also proud to offer the comfort and security of our four new Egg Chairs. They were purchased with the support of a school innovation grant and are visually interesting, acoustically amazing and extremely popular with the students.

We aim to provide a safe haven for students from the busy schoolyard. Supportive relationships develop between students and staff and friendships form across student age groups.