Halls Head College provides a unique opportunity for students gifted in languages to excel in a Japanese Language Program. It is available for students from Year 7 – 12. Students who are university bound can gain a 10% bonus if studying a foreign language and Asian Studies is a cross-curriculum requirement of the Australian Curriculum.

Our Japanese Language Program is unique in the quality it provides such as:

  • A Partnership school in Japan – Tomioka High School – we regularly host students from Japan who offer our students unique opportunities to hear and speak the language and learn from each other;
  • A bi-annual school trip to Japan – Every two years our senior students have the opportunity to visit Japan and further expand their grasp of the language and culture;
  • An Immersion and Enrichment program – After school opportunities are available for our students to develop a skill set but also, more importantly, to immerse themselves in the Japanese language – with primarily Japanese being spoken in these sessions.  This is available free of cost to our students;
  • Rigorous, engaging lessons that embrace modern technology;
  • Opportunities to work in partnership with primary schools to build links and enhance learning opportunities for our younger LOTE students.