Academic Extension

In all of our Academic subjects – English, Maths, Science and Society and Environment we offer chances for each student to excel. However we also acknowledge that our brightest students learn best when like-minded peers surround them.  Some students learn faster and can cope with additional higher order thinking and problem solving opportunities.  Whilst we still encourage all classes to be creative, to think more and problem solve, the College has established an Academic Extension Program from Years 7 – 10 to provide additional opportunities for our most able students to excel.

Our Academic Extension Program allows students access in English, Maths, Science and Society and Environment.  A student may be eligible in one, several or all of these subjects.  Applications for places in the program are through expressions of interest in the first instance. Selection processes are then conducted through analysis of the most recent academic performance in NAPLAN, previous report data and additional evidence that may be provided. Each semester placements are reviewed as there is a waiting list.  A variety of additional opportunities to excel are offered to our extension students such as:

  • State and National Competitions;
  • Higher Order thinking challenges in a range of disciplines – within school and across schools;
  • Excursions and Incursions designed to challenge and engage;
  • Exposure to experts in a range of arenas to stimulate thought, promote creativity, higher order thinking and problem solving;
  • Opportunities to hone organisational and time management skills to foster a strong independent study program and work ethic.

There are no additional fees for this program, however additional costs may be incurred for competition participation incursions and excursions.