The Arts

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The Arts provide students with a variety of unique learning opportunities and experiences that assist in the development of critical and creatively divergent thinking and problem solving skills as well as gaining an appreciation and understanding of the relevance of the role of the arts in cultural and historical terms.

Halls Head College has recently undergone a complete rebuilding and refurbishment program that has seen the Arts facilities increase in all context areas and rival any school in the region and beyond. Our specialist facilities include Music recital and practice rooms, A well-equipped Performing arts space linked to green rooms and Gallery foyer, a purpose built Dance space and 3 well designed and equipped Visual Art studios and Media labs.

The Arts Learning area at Halls Head College comprises the 5 contexts of Music, Dance, Drama [and stagecraft and technical theatre], Media, Photography and Visual Art [a broard range of disciplines including Painting, Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Drawing and Printmaking].

Students entering year 7 and 8 have the opportunity to experience all arts contexts through a rotating Pentamester. Year 9 and 10 allows our students the opportunity to begin some specialisation in the Arts with both semester and year-long courses. All Lower school courses link to senior school courses including a number of Certificate level courses and on to post-compulsory study at T.A.F.E. and University level.

The varied courses of arts stud focus on student achievement of outcomes related to art making and interpretation based on current curriculum guidelines and the K-10 Arts syllabus. In 2016 the learning area will begin implementing the new West Australian Curriculum and students will focus on building their skills and understanding of how the Arts function and enrich our lives and communicate ideas.

Study in the Arts allows our students to develop skills and ideas that help them interpret the events in their lives and the world around them and gain an appreciation for their own and other cultures.

Considerable opportunities for student participation in extra-curricular arts events are made available throughout the school year including Art extension workshops after school, various exhibitions and art competitions, arts performances and competitions and school productions. In addition to these the arts run a vibrant integrated enrichment program with artists in residence and extra-curricular opportunities for our students to engage in the arts in meaningful and exciting learning experiences.