Information Technology

Information Technology at Halls Head College introduces students to a wide range of computer applications and activities. The lower school program covers many aspects of IT including: basic computer operations; word processing; spread sheets; typography; graphic design and game design. Assessment tasks are structured to allow students to think creatively while learning practical skills.

Choosing to study IT in Year 10 is a great way for students to improve their computing skills for use in senior school, TAFE, university or in the workplace. Students will be required to solve design problems through creative projects that utilise a range of applications. The Year 10 course covers topics such as computer hardware, web design, databases and web based game design.

In Year 11 and 12, students have the opportunity to complete a TAFE Certificate II and III in Information, Digital Media and Technology. During the Certificate II units, students will have the opportunity to build, configure and network computers. The optional Certificate III course teaches students about web design and computer programming. These qualifications can lead to further study at TAFE and university or directly to employment.