College Board

The Halls Head College Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of the students and will enhance the education provided at the College.

The elected members include parents, staff and community members. The Principal of the college is a member.

Our Board takes part in:
  • establishing and reviewing, from time to time, the college’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions as outlined in the Business Plan
  • planning financial arrangements necessary to fund those objectives, priorities and directions
  • evaluating the school’s performance in achieving those objectives, priorities and directions including endorsing and reviewing the college’s annual Budget [1]
  • the selection of, but not the appointment of, the School Principal or any other member of the teaching staff if prior approval is given by the Regional Executive Director [2]
Approves of:
  • a charge or contribution determined by the college for the provision of materials, services and facilities
  • the costs determined by the college to be paid for participation in an extra cost optional component of the school’s educational program
  • the items determined by the college to be supplied by a student for the student’s personal use in the school’s educational program; and
  • an agreement or arrangement for advertising or sponsorship in relation to a government school
Role of Board members:
  • Parent members of the Board bring their experience as parents at the school, and the views and context of the wider school community
  • Community members may bring expertise such as business or accounting skills that the Board is looking for at that time
  • Department of Education employees bring their educational expertise

[1] The budget summarises the income received annually from the Department of Education and other sources; it also lists planned expenditure, including salaries. Budget is under section 5.1.4 of the Department of Education’s Financial Management in Schools Finance and Accounting policy. Planning financial arrangements is section 128(a)(ii) of the School Education Act 1999

[2] Participation in selection processes by a representative of the Council is restricted to positions determined through local selection and will not include vacancies filled through the central transfer or placement process or the redeployment process regulated by the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 1994. Section 129(2) of the School Education Act 1999

Halls Head College Board

Jane Field (Board Chairperson)

Jane has lived in Mandurah for 26 years. Her passion in early childhood teaching has played an important part of her time here in Mandurah, enabling Jane to run a successful early childhood business.  Many of the children Jane had taught continued their journey of education and life skills here, at Halls Head College, including her daughter Sophie.

Jane believes the values of our school are shown throughout all areas including our students, teachers and admin staff and she is passionate and excited to be able to support the vision and growth of this large socially demographic school.

Jane’s strengths and skills have come from working and living overseas and learning about different cultures.  Jane has actively been part of communities in leadership roles.

 “I believe in always challenging myself and learning new skills so I embrace and look forward to this role I have undertaken for Halls Head College.”


Bronwyn White is the Principal of Halls Head College since 2016.

Lisa Coates joined Halls Head College in September 2016 to commence the position of Program Coordinator for Professional Development of Teaching and Learning. Previous to this she was a foundation member of Comet Bay College fulfilling the roles of Dean of Curriculum and Dean of Technology and Enterprise with previous schools including Pinjarra Senior High School, Coodanup Senior High School and Community College and Tom Price High School commencing teaching in 1997.

Lisa is passionate about educating and assisting every individual to achieve their personal best. Her belief is this can only be achieved for students by staff developing `collective efficacy’ – belief by group of teachers about their collective ability to improve student learning. Lisa believes teachers need to be given regular opportunities, structures, supports and critical dialogues to help build their own capacity by taking risks in safe and supportive but accountable environments; constantly applying an improvement lens to their practice for implementing improved outcomes (academic, social and emotional) for all students.

Lisa is Mandurah born and bred and has seen the education of the city grow from a country town which commenced with only Mandurah Primary School to a city providing the community of schools (both public and private), TAFE and university which exist today.

Helen Stone
Helen has been in education for about 30 years. Commencing as a swimming teacher with the Department of Swimming and Water Safety in 1987, Helen worked all around Western Australia teaching and supervising swimming classes. After graduating from UWA with a Science degree in 1990 with honours in Anthropology, Helen worked in the Pilbara mines for a couple of years. Then she went to Japan to teach English for a couple of years and then travelled to America and Europe on her bicycle. After settling down, Helen went on to teach part-time and study part-time in primary and high schools. She worked for Murdoch University for 5 years supervising practicum students and received her Masters in 2006. Looking for a challenge again, Helen then worked at Hakea and Casuarina Prisons teaching literacy skills. Currently, she is completing her PhD in Education at Murdoch University and hopes to return to teaching when she finishes.

I am very pleased to be welcomed onto the Halls Head College Board and I hope to make a contribution to the school.

Holly de Hoog attended Halls Head College for 5 years and graduated in 2014.  She has since gone on to study a Bachelor of Primary Education at Curtin University.  Holly is also a committee member of the Halls Head College Alumni.  Her recent experience of being a student at Halls Head College, and her knowledge of current teaching practices brings a fresh perspective to the school board.




peta-alexanderPeta Alexander has been a Halls Head College Board Member since 2012. Peta brings to the Board extensive experience/skills running her own business and large family of seven; she was also P&C Secretary for 5 years prior to joining the board as well as guiding 4 children through the college during this time.

Peta has interests in boating, fishing and spending time with her husband, children and dogs. During the years at the college there have been many changes for the better having been involved in fundraising, special events, participating in the uniform changes and petitioning for funding for the building program as well as for Independent Public School status.

Peta has always maintained a strong belief in the public school system and will continue to volunteer her time and efforts to Halls Head College in the coming years.

margaret-southMargaret South is the Manager Corporate Services at Halls Head College. Margaret has been in the role of Business Manager with the Department of Education since 1999 both in primary and secondary schools and at Halls Head College since January 2009.

Margaret also volunteered her time for a number of years as the P&C Treasurer for another senior high school while her 3 children attended that school.

Since Margaret’s time at Halls Head College, she has supported the college transition from a middle school to a senior college, becoming an Independent Public School, the change of the college name, college uniform and college branding, the extensive $40 million building program and the introduction of the new Student Centred Funding Model in 2015.

Halls Head College nominated Margaret for the 2015 WASSRA Business Manager of the Year Awards and Margaret is honoured to have been one of the 3 finalists for this award in Western Australia.

Margaret looks forward to being a part of, and supporting, the exciting future of Halls Head College.


Jo Bell has been a Halls Head College staff member since 2013.

Her role as the Aboriginal Indigenous Education Officer and primarily a mentor and support person at school for Indigenous students and engaging with the general school population.

Jo teaches 5 Noongar language classes per week and will be a fully qualified Languages teacher in October and is currently studying toward a teaching degree.  Jo is passionate about working with Aboriginal students and sharing knowledge on Aboriginal culture and history.

Jo is on the City of Mandurah RAP steering committee, City of Mandurah NAIDOC committee and the Graham Polly Farmer Follow the Dream steering committee.

Jo has decided to join our School Board to be able to network and share ideas from the other committees that will benefit our school and students.