Year 12 Students: Key Dates Ahead (2017)

As we move into the second half of the school year, please note these key dates for our Year 12 students for the remainder of the school year:

AUGUST (2017)

7th August
University Applications: ATAR students will receive information about applying to Universities via TISC’s online website. Make sure you do not lose this document. The closing date for applications without incurring a late fee (approx. $155) is 29th September. Please note that Head Start students must also apply for Entry Award into Murdoch at this time.

Week 7, 8 and 9 OLNA schedule to be confirmed.


TAFE Applications: These are generally open online for a couple of months.

Exam timetables: Schools will receive personalised written exam timetables for ATAR students and these will be distributed to students. Students are to store this document in a safe place and it must be taken to every exam.

Clearance forms: Need to be signed off and returned to Student Services by 18th September (Monday Week 10). All borrowed items: books , calculators, etc need to be returned and fees must be paid. Note: exception for ATAR students who must return borrowed items following External exams but before the end of November.

Graduation tickets: Tickets and payments must be finalised. More details to come about this. For most students in ATAR courses, the course work should have been mostly finalised in preparation for the MOCK exams. For students in Certificate and General Course they will be finalising but not completing courses until they are back at school.

OCTOBER (2017)

Week 2 Term 3 holidays: MOCK exams will be scheduled on site at Halls Head College for the second week of the holidays. These will mirror the External exams with outside invigilators and strict exam protocols enforced.

Week 1 and 2 Term 4: Completion of VET work for all students, exam review and revision for ATAR students and completion of all course work for Non–ATAR students.

14th and 15th October: Japanese ORAL exams. Individual students will be notified of their exam time and venue.

20th October: Dress up day. Red Frogs and R U Legal presentations. Graduation rehearsals.

24th to 29th October: Physical Education Practical Exams: these exams are scheduled by the students chosen sport. Individual notification will be provided by the end of August.

24th October: Students are to arrive at school in full uniform at 7.30am for Leavers Breakfast. This is followed by their Farewell Assembly which will be in the Gym commencing at 9am. Parents are welcome to attend and we request that they arrive at around 8.30.  Immediately following the assembly, students will file out of the gym and straight onto a bus to go to the Performing Arts Centre for Graduation Rehearsal. ALL students should be present for this and may not make their own way there. They will catch the bus back to school in time for the afternoon bus service home. Students are to make their way home then return that evening for the Graduation Ceremony.

5.30 pm: Students need to arrive for the Graduation Ceremony preferably from 5.30 pm but no later than 6 pm. Attire for this event is formal and should be black and white only.

Parents, relatives and friends need to arrive with their tickets and should be seated for the commencement of the ceremony at 7pm

25th, 26th and 27th October: ATAR students are encouraged to attend exam preparation sessions on site

30th October: ATAR exams commence and typically run for up to 4 weeks. The timetables are available online in the SCSA website.


ATAR exams continue until 22nd November

3rd November: Last day for student appeals against school assessments in courses studied in Year 12

24th November: last date for receipt by the Authority of sickness/misadventure application forms.


19th December: Year 12 student’s results available online via the Authority’s student portal (information on that letter you were told to put somewhere safe)