P&C: Invitation for all Parents to join

The P & C Association is an integral part of the college and supports student endeavours now and into the future. Meetings provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to discuss relevant issues, events and concerns as well as learn about different programs available to students of the college.

The P&C meets at 6.30 pm on the 4th and 8th Tuesday of each term in the College Library with entry through the gate near the Recreation Centre.

We encourage all parents and interested community members to come all!

2017 P&C Meeting Dates

Term 1
Week 4 Tuesday 21st February 6:30pm
Week 8 Tuesday 21st March 6:30pm

Term 2
Week 4 Tuesday 16th May 6:30pm
Week 8 Tuesday 13th June 6:30pm

Term 3
Week 4 Tuesday 8th August 6:30pm
Week 8 Tuesday 5th September 6:30pm

Term 4
Week 4 Tuesday 31st October 6:30pm
Week 8 Tuesday 28th November 6:30pm

Location: Library Please feel free to arrive 6:15pm to make hot drink and snack.